Your life is your canvas. You can decorate it anyway you want. You can use any kind of paint. You don’t even need to use paint. Your life is a constantly changing piece of art that you add more colour and life to with every experience.

And your life will look BEAUTIFUL.

Don’t let bad experiences get you down, don’t let feeling sad affect the way you look at this canvas. The most beautiful art is created in adversary. And once these bad feelings are down on canvas,you are ready for the bright yellows and vibrant reds and everything exciting. And do you know what? The dark, sad parts of your art will only make your brighter parts feel brighter.

Don’t lose hope in your life. Please, never do that. Because there will always be the exciting, bright times up ahead; even if you can’t see it.

This post is really for me. So, to me, Megan Prior, your life really does feel crap at the moment. The whole idea of going on like this makes you feel sick and worthless. But they’re WILL be brightness and happiness ahead-there has to be. We can’t be the only ones with all grey canvases so far.